Director and Cinematographer.

SONDER (2020)

Sonder is a social experiment short film whose purpose consists of portraying fragments from the routine of different youth people who all co-exist in the same city: Warsaw.

¿Por qué, Lima? (2021)

Lima is the muse for an entire generation of peruvian artists and the one thing they all want to escape from.

From Culatra

Culatra Island is home to many lives, memories, nationalities and all the contradictions they contain.


Cinematographer and Producer.

The Internet Killed Chester Bennington (2019)

A numb photography student comes back to her hometown for an assignment, only to find that things have taken a very weird turn.
Sofia and the Fire Guy

When Sofia’s powers to control fire are unveiled in an horrible manner, she must try to find the one man with the answers she has been looking for.

Aunque Es de Noche

A group of young boys and girls were brought up inside a cave. This is the day they all make irrevercible decisions.